this is a tiny shark

Untitled_Artwork copy 2.jpg

but a tiny shark is also a comic by me, CJB.

My dad was the creator of the original tiny sharks, but with his blessing (and the website he purchased in 2008), tiny sharks as you know it today was born.

tiny sharks is a little bit of everything: part webcomic, part graphic novel, part treatise on life, part undefined and unspecified space for my meanderings. 

tiny sharks is also a perspective. That is, tiny sharks can be the negative, little, scary parts of our lives that we allow to nibble away at our time, energy, and resolve.

Or, we can choose to be tiny sharks, the fierce, small but mighty, hella-good-at-swimming masters of our own private oceans.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be the shark than the shark bait. CJB.


Copyright 2016 Caroline J. Brown